: Does Jesse do a mail order tune that works with AR Headers?

11-08-09, 09:27 PM
If this has been already answered, I apologize.

I am real tired of my CEL coming on and my V throwing lean codes since I put on the AR headers (one of the first 5 or so set of headers).

I have had no luck getting in touch with Jesse (whose tune I am running), as his voicemail has been full an he has not returned my emails or PM's.

Does Jesse or anyone else offer a mail order tune that will fix the AR header CEL problem?

If not, anybody know a tuner in OR or WA who can dyno tune my V and fix this problem?


Mike C

11-08-09, 09:41 PM

I know he can fix the cel with the tune. Best way to reach him is by phone.
Keep trying. It will save you alot of money as he will probably do it for free by emailing you the correction.

To answer your question, it can be done by any decent tuner but you don't want another tuner putting stuff in your head about their tune being better.

It will result in more $ and a hotter tune that may not be safe. If you end up with a grenade, each tuner will point the finger at the other.