View Full Version : Help with 97 Catera and Aftermarket Stereo

11-08-09, 06:30 PM
I just purchased a 1997 Catera with the Bose system in it and I love this car but the only issue is that it only has a AM/FM Cassette player. I have a new Kenwood KDC MP738U stereo that I had purchased right before I totaled my last car. I want to put this stereo in the Catera now so I can listen to CDs and my iPod.

My questions are what am I going to need for the install? Just the dash kit and the GMOS-06? Also the back of the Kenwood only has 2 RCA jacks, will that be an issue because the GMOS-06 seems to have 4 RCA plugs?

Any help ASAP would be great! I'd love to ordered the equipment I need and get to work right away! Thank you!

11-10-09, 08:14 AM
You're also going to need a GM antenna adapter. If your radio only has two RCA jacks, then you can go to radio shack or best buy or somewhere and get a pair of RCA 'Y' adapters. The GMOS06 has male ends, and your radio probably has female ends, so you'd need two 'Y' adapters that have two female ends on one side and one male end on the other.