: Coil Pack Remover

11-06-09, 09:23 AM
Just picked up a 99 Catera 2 days ago and would like to change the plugs since the PO had no idea when they were last changed. Subscribed to ALLDATADIY since I could not find a repair manual locally. ALLDATA says tool J43301 is required to remove the coil pack. Any suggestions on a source for this tool and is there an alternative way to remove? When I belonged to an other make forum, they had a loaner agreement where as you could borrow a specialty tool from another member, just pay shipping both ways. Anything like that here? It saved a lot of unnecessary expense since most specialty tools we very seldom used. Thanks...Bill

11-07-09, 06:02 PM
don't need it
but you do need torx socket (star shaped bolt)
2 bolts one plug and it's out
drivers side you need to move the wire harness and unscrew the oil fill tube by lifting the tab on the valve cover and then 2 bolts one plug and its out

platinum plugs don't need changing till 100k+ miles (factory is platinum)

11-07-09, 06:23 PM
it sounds more complicated than it really is. you just have to move the harness to one side with one hand as you pull the coil off wiht the other(after removing mounting bolts of course.) i didn't even have to move my oil tube but it is simple and would make removal much easier. ;)

11-07-09, 07:16 PM
If you can find the right size bolt to thread into the holes, it should be fine.
You just need something to hold on to while you pull them straight up.
Don't pry on them or you'll start breaking pieces off.

11-08-09, 08:45 AM
Thanks for the info. Good to know that the $98 tool is not necessary...Bill