: So if you thought the V2 was fast.....

11-04-09, 08:10 PM
Check this out!

In the December 2009 issue of Car and Driver, they (finally!) flog a 2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo though the full road test, coming up with a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds and a 1/4 mile time of 11.7 seconds! With all due respect, it kicks the ass of the V, and any other sedan on the market today.

In the same issue, they have a comparison test between the Jaguar XFR, CTS-V (6M) and the E63 AMG. The CTS-V and XFR both dole out 4.3 second 0-60 times and the E63 whips it out in 4.0 seconds. But, on the other hand, the most expensive of the bunch is the E63, and that's still $30,000 cheaper than the Panamera. :eek: The CTS-V starts at $62,000 and the XFR is right around $80,000. Proving once again, that while it may not be the quickest, it's the best bargain, and the best looker!

But holy crap though, I can't believe there exists a full sized luxury saloon that does 0-60 in three point three seconds! That is literally 1/2 the time that a Northstar powered FWD STS or ETC will do it in!

11-04-09, 08:18 PM
And it barely beats the CTS-V 'Ring time. So those launch numbers are impressive. But not much more than the V in most other aspects.

And for the price, there are Vs out there beating that 1/4 mile time already for much, much less...

11-04-09, 08:21 PM
The Top Gear test is pretty interesting.



11-04-09, 08:36 PM
Holy shit! I thought the V was 3.9?

11-04-09, 11:12 PM
^ Results will vary.

Anyways, about the Panamera, for the price of one you could get a ZR1 and a CTS-V. The Panamera's performance is great, but it lacks in the bang-for-buck department.

Jonas McFeely
11-04-09, 11:28 PM
for the price of one you could get a ZR1 and a CTS-V

Meh. Not quite. The ZR1 is about $100k and a V2 is about $60k. The Panamera turbo starts at about $130k.

And 3.3 to 60 is impressive, but having 7 speeds and launch control will do amazing things...

If i was filthy rich, there would be one in my driveway. :drool:

11-04-09, 11:40 PM
The backend is really ugly, hopefully they clean that up in the future.

11-04-09, 11:45 PM
When one reaches the upper limits of performance and luxury "bang for the buck" is trumped by "exclusivity." The incrememnt of of performance or luxury or both come at a very high cost incrementally.

I am not a Porsche fan, but I rather like the Panamera ..... but then I was almost seduced by the 928 of yore!

11-05-09, 12:10 PM
Not feeling it at all. I can think of better ways to spend 130k.

11-05-09, 01:13 PM
It doesn't matter anyway. It's being cancelled in like.. 3 years I think? And so is the Cayenne.

It'll just be a footnote.

11-05-09, 02:00 PM
Imagine how fast the V would be if Cadillac could charge Panamera money for it...

11-05-09, 03:17 PM
Full respect to the Panamera. It is ugly as sin, but is really fast and has a fabulous interior. It had better, at 2 X the cost of a CTS-V. It probably launches easier than the CTS-V, too.

If only GM would give us traction control....... :)

If I were going to spend $130k, I'd buy a garage queen CTS-V with 6MT to go with my current daily driver automatic CTS-V. :thumbsup: Both silver/ebony, of course, and with the Recaros in the garage queen V.

11-05-09, 04:22 PM
It does have a nice interior, but not enough to make up for the ass. At 130k, it had better look great and it fails here. I find it from certain angles it looks like the new Honda Crosstour? The Accord failwagon?

By the way...at 130k, you DONT get metallic paint, the sport chronos package with the Launch Control, variable assist power steering, park assist, Bluetooth, XM satelite radio, 6 disc DVD changer, or the Ipod adapter. To get all this, youre looking at $150k. Meh...

Of all the high performance sport sedans, Id want the V. The RS6 and XF-R are a close 2nd. The E63 and M5 and a close 3rd and the Panamera doesnt interest me in the least, regardless of price.

11-05-09, 05:38 PM
It kinda reminds me of the upcoming Tesla sedan, the Model S.


But it's only supposed to cost around 57K (plus a 7500.00 tax break)

Speaking of electric cars. With 150K to spend I'd buy me a Fisker Karma at 90K



and take the rest and buy a Z06 for pure fun. :burn:

11-05-09, 06:04 PM
add a 9.5" pulley to the V2 for less than 500 bux and your theory is shot.
I'll take the V2 any day over the Porsche....and have another 75K to spend on a Z06


The Tony Show
11-05-09, 06:11 PM
....or a crapload of rear tires. :D

11-05-09, 06:19 PM
I used to daydream about what I would buy if I won the lottery. I bought a used 07 CTS-V recently, it was all I could afford. One day after that it occurred to me that if I was rich I would just buy a new V2 to drive, and maybe get some upgrades.

11-05-09, 07:57 PM
The only car really like the Panamera is the Quattroporte. Both are full sized luxury saloons from sports car manufacturers, they're both about the same size and they both don't compare directly with the S Class/7 Series or the E Class/5 Series.

Anyways, the Panamera is a goofy looking car, and I'll never get over that. I understand that Porsche wants all their cars to look alike, but a sedan should NOT have a hatchback, and it should not look like a 911. The interior is gorgeous and it's fast as hell. I still like the V the most.

11-05-09, 08:14 PM
The front reminds me of the Carrera GT more than anything.

But for that kind of money, you would find me in a new 911 Turbo. 0-60 in 3.2 seconds with the PDK transmission and sport chrono package :worship::worship::worship:

11-05-09, 08:20 PM
But for that kind of money, you would find me in a new 911 Turbo. 0-60 in 3.2 seconds with the PDK transmission and sport chrono package :worship::worship::worship:

Yeah, but that car won't comfortably seat four and be comfortable cross country. :p

11-06-09, 06:54 AM
So tell the other two to take a hike. :p

11-07-09, 04:33 PM
I went and sat in one today. The rear seat legroom isn't as much as an S Class, but it's more than a regular sedan. I loved the full length center console, especially how high it is for the front passengers. The looks have grown on me, but I still wouldn't call it gorgeous.