: Floor mats can cause crashes

11-04-09, 06:27 PM
Toyota is putting out recalls on the following due to oversized driverside floor mats causing the accelerator to get stuck in the WOT position.

Toyota Camry
Toyota Avalon
Toyota Prius
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tundra

Lexus IS 250
Lexus IS 350
Lexus ES 350

Really? All this over floor mats? Can't you just take them out? or go buy smaller mats? Cadillac couldnt order a recall on NorthStar head gaskets but Toyota is recalling floor mats? it just doesnt seem right... :banghead:

11-04-09, 06:32 PM
Already been covered on here...

The Tony Show
11-04-09, 07:22 PM
Welcome to last month.