: '09 1" longer

Roll on Mr. Spaceman
11-01-09, 05:16 PM
197.6 compared to 196.7 on '06-'08

Anybody know why?

width difference of ~11.


There are other dimension differences cited as well.

http://www.cadillac.com/tools/cpo/showroomByYear.do?modelId=2324&seo=goo_|_2008_Cadillac_Retention_|_IMG_Cadillac_S TS-V_|_STS-V_Exact_|_sts-v&gclid=CPDUscno6p0CFVF95QodCT_ENA

11-02-09, 11:34 AM
Cadillac's website can be flaky on some specs. (sad but true) They were carrying the weight of the new CTS-V as 3850lbs, which was the weight of the 04-07 model.