: turn signal relay part-number?!?! want to replace w/ load-independent unit...

11-01-09, 11:30 AM
my turn signal relay is going bad.

any idea what teh official GM part number is? i pulled the part and here are the numbers i see:

09 225 528
54 204 003

i searched gmpartsdirect for any of these numbers and got nothing.

i googled and the only thing that came back was teh last one, and it's a relay for vw/audi, which makes sense. that said, i cannot locate the equivalent gm part number.

ideally, id like to replace this with a solid-state load-independent relay...in which case i still need teh OEM part#. i also tried to match based on the pin configuration, but none i can find have the same # combination next to the pins.

i'd appreciate any help!

also, here's the pin configuration:

| E

| 49 | 31


49a = LOAD