: Theres a HAPPY STSV today!

11-01-09, 01:38 AM
Today I spent at least 6 hours with my STSV. Our time consisted of a nice wash, clay bar, Zainos swirl remover for some spots, Zainos AIO for base coat, and 3 coats of Zainos Z2 with FX additive. Between each step I used Z6 spray and tomorrow i will dust off the 3rd Z2 coat, use some Z6, then some Clear Seal! On top of that i used the Zainos tire shine and the AIO on the wheels. Happy, Happy V!

Oh, and i uploaded my performance tune from W4M, will get to see how it runs after the clear seal tomorrow.... Then the Max Performance tune!

11-01-09, 03:17 AM

I cleaned mine up really nice today! i'll post pics in the AM!

11-01-09, 07:07 AM
I cleaned mine up Friday afternoon since we may go than two days without rain this next week. :)

11-01-09, 02:32 PM
cheerleaders washed my car yesterday so I was the happy one as well as my STS-V! They spent like 10 minutes on each rim!!! I left a BIG tip.....

11-01-09, 03:15 PM
Photo's Please

11-12-09, 01:45 PM
Zaino FTW...I love that stuff!