: carb linkage adjustments

08-03-04, 01:38 AM
Hi everyone.

This might be a long post, but hopefully when this is all over I'll have a properly functioning carburetor. I took the carb off to rebuild it a couple months ago, and silly me, I didn't take a picture of it before I took it off the car. I put it back on and have been driving every once in a while and the car functions, I just think it could be better.


That's a picture of the carb choke linkage on the passenger side of the carb. I'm trying to grasp how all these parts work, and more importantly would like to know if it looks like I have it back together properly. Do I? Would it be possible to put this thing back together on the car and still have the car run, just poorly? By poorly, the only thing wrong is that sometimes it just never seems like the car will ever idle down, even if i spend a full minute or two letting it sit and then tap the gas. If I let the car idle quickly and after turning the key I tap the gas, the car just usually revs up and idles FASTER rather than slowing down a little bit like I thought it was supposed to. I thought tapping the gas quickly half way down was supposed to drop rpms a little, until finally the car is warmed up. I end up usually just shifting into drive and the car doesnt jerk or anything, but the rpms drop significantly. Sometimes the car will lurch along for a few seconds or hesitate when I give it gas after shifting into drive and driving away. I don't know if any of these linkage rods are bent, if my choke coil is old and bad, if my throttle linkage is good or bad on the other side (I know it's hooked up right, it just seems VERY loose, like it is sagging, and most of the time when I coast the car doesn't decrease in rpms at all.. I let my foot off the gas and it stays at the same rpm as when I had my foot ON the gas... to get it to go down to idle rpms I need to take my toe and reach around to the back of the pedal and snap it toward me and then the rpms will change! :annoyed: )

If anyone could possibly take some pictures of their quadrajet, especially the passenger side, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm kinda short on money right now so I can't afford a carb book or anything like that, not to mention professional help. I'm in Bowling Green Ohio, near Toledo if anyone in the area would ever be kind enough to give it a look.

Maybe I can just find a local shop with a senior mechanic that would tune it up for a small fee (under $100?) I have no idea what carb tuning rates run these days.

If anyone can help me with any of my problems or suggest some place to take my car, I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you!

08-04-04, 09:14 AM
I had this same problem with my Q-jet. it sounds like your high speed idle cam is sticking. It is on the left side of the carb and is part of the vacuume choke system. I always had to get out and pop the hood and reach in and click the cam down to it's lowest position. Then it would idle fine. Never could quite figure out how to fix it.I have a manual here that has some info on it. Email me at psychosasquatch@cfl.rr.com and I'll scan the page and send it to you. I eventually replaced my carb not just because of this problem but because it was the original 35 year old carb and I figured it was about time. :coolgleam