: HEADS UP! :: 18x7.5 Astra Wheels 350$ Shipped.

10-31-09, 03:18 AM
Found this guy who is selling a set of 4 wheels on ebay...

Look for Item number: 330372995730
Price is 350$ Shipping is FREE.
This is a good price, I have been on a look out for the last 2 years and this is the first pair that I have seen that cheap. Most run in the 900-1000$.
May need a bit of sanding and repainting if the curb rash is buggin you too much.

These will make for a good set on someone's Catera...

Here is how they look on mine with 245/40R18.

10-31-09, 10:18 AM
Hopefully the seller is misinformed, he lists them as from a Saturn Sky? Regardless, I just pulled the trigger, used the 8% cash back feature from Bing.com, so it was only $321.08, plus I got another $6.82 back in eBay bucks. Couldn't resist. To be honest, CateraMV6, I've been on the lookout too ever since I saw how good they looked on your car. I usually searched eBay and Chicago Craigslist for ASTRA XR wheels, surprised you found them under Saturn Sky. Going to take them to Wheels America here in Chicago area to see how much to recondition them. Unless you know of a better place to get then reconditioned.

Your Catera is unique in every way, very cool, but by next summer, there will be 2 Silver Catera Sports in the Chicagoland area with the exact rims. Sorry.

10-31-09, 12:00 PM
Hey I am glad you got a good deal on them. I was randomly browsing for some Solstice/Sky stuff and I just happened to come across them.

The damage doesn't appear to be so bad only minor rash, you can always take a 600-800sand paper and clean up the surface... then go to a place called portage auto parts on Milwaukee just south of Irving Park, they specialize in car paint. A clear coat and paint with all the mixing stuff will run you 45$ and you can always buy a cheap spray gun 30-40$ rent a compressor from home depot 20$ and paint them yourself. Its not hard at all I have done it before.

With that you can have them repainted to match the OEM color of your car and that will make them really cool, possibly even better then mine.
For tires you can always go to tirerack or discounttire and get the 245 40 18s as those fit perfectly and they look good on that rim. The OD is also the same as that of the OEM tires so your speedo will remain the same.

10-31-09, 12:39 PM
The Saturn Sky is their version of the Opel GT sports car. It's possible that it shared wheels with the Astra.

10-31-09, 03:38 PM
Well from the look and the specs I am willing to bet 100$ that these are the Saturn Astra wheels, and the fact that they have Saturn Logos must have confused the seller. The sky has wheels that look very identical to the Astra Sport wheels.

BTW these wheels came on the VXR Astra in Europe.

Either way that is a steal deal considering that only 11000 Astras were sold and out of them maybe 100 were bought with the Summer Performance package which cost over 1000$.