: Lockpick Plus HD Radio

10-30-09, 08:03 AM
I admit it. I want it all.

I have a 2008 STS V8 and want to unlock the Nav so it can be used properly. I know about the LockPick and where to get that from.

I also want to add HD Radio and be able to use it with out doing away with the XM or Aux inputs. Is it possible and what do I use to make it happen?

I want to see the station and the program or song displayed that's playing. It needs to be compatable with the LockPick and I don't want to loose anything that I currently have.

Has anyone configured this yet? If so, what did you use, and who did you get it from?

What kind of money am I looking at?

And most importantly, does it work like you expected it to?


Lewis :hmm: