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KAIK Products
07-10-03, 01:33 PM
hey all..

am new to the forum...

we own and operate KAIK Products...we design and build custom automotive accessories and have discovered in doing this that Cadillacs are excellent cars for customizing!

It's a piece of KAIK!
http://www.kaikproducts.com/images/frontend/EXT4.jpg http://www.kaikproducts.com/images/customer_cars/EXTcustomercar.jpghttp://www.kaikproducts.com/images/frontend/EXT2.jpg

07-10-03, 04:26 PM
Bling Bling!

07-10-03, 10:34 PM
Welcome..... Thanks for signing up..... Maybe you would be able to hook us up with some custom accessories..... (make sure that you check with Sal, the admin before you advertise anything.....)

Got anything for a 94 infiniti Q45??

07-12-03, 12:13 AM
Welcome aboard, KAIK Products.. And thank you for signing up.. When you get a chance, check your PMs regarding our discussion..

07-12-03, 01:11 AM

To Our Cadillac Family > Looks like you have your work Cut out for you! Do you guy's make any custom grills for 93' thu 96' Fleetwoods? :spin: