: Ignition Coil Boot Needed

10-27-09, 12:13 AM
Hey guys,

One of my ignition coil boot (cylinder 1) is swollen due to oil contamination when my valve cover gasket began leaking; filling the spark plug well with oil.

I'm in need of a new boot for this cylinder. This one still fits, but unfortunately does not seal as good and moisture is building up in the well.

Any of you guys have one of these "spark plug boot" that I can purchase? Some of you may have changed your ignition coil and may have the boot intact lying around somewhere collecting dust.

I don't really feel like forking out $100+ for a new ignition coil.

By the way, my car is a 2001.

If you have one, please email me at: frmg0014@gmail.com along with your asking price.

Thanks guys!