: Attention All Northstar Technicians- New Northstar Drilling / Tapping Machine

10-25-09, 10:57 AM
Northstar Performance is working on a system that will allow you to re-drill, tap, and install studs in an hour or less. We're hoping to knock the time down to 30 minutes to drill and tap both sides and maintain 100% accuracy. There will no longer be any need to tape up the blocks.

This will really cut down your time on each car that comes in.

Cost for this system will likely run around $1500-$2000 and should be available in about 3 weeks.

It will be on our website at www.northstarperformance.com as soon as more info is available.

10-25-09, 03:13 PM
You amaze me Jake all the different things your coming up with for these cars its truely incredible.

Keep up the good work. :cool2:

10-25-09, 04:36 PM
Thanks Chacenbra, it all takes time. My shop can currently install studs in a block in 1.25-1.5 hours. Making sure that all Northstars get studded is first on our priority list. I had a professional engineer in the shop on Friday and he was really admiring the solution we came up with- he doesn't believe in inserts either. He only had one small suggestion for me and that may soon be implemented.

Especially in our shop we are working on increasing our productivity. We want to get the cars in and out quicker without compromising quality in the least. This means making the most time consuming processes quicker. The machine I'm thinking of for our shop will be a unit where:

1- Roll the engine block underneath a machine and position in place. A plate will be covering the engine that only allows the 20 holes to be exposed, all sealed with O-rings.

2-The operator will ensure the engine is in the correct position and all holes are aligned.
3-20 precisionly spaced drill bits will come down using a hyraulic press on each side, simultaneously. All holes drilled at once.
4-All holes get blown out before the plate comes up.
5-The block gets moved to another machine where the same process takes place, only with tapping. All 20 holes again, all at once to a set depth.
6-All holes get blown out again

This machine will only be for our shop, I'm expecting 10-15 minutes to drill and tap a block if I can get this set up. 100% accuracy can be maintained even at these speeds. I have the design worked out pretty much, I just have to speak with Norseman about the correct RPMs before I order the motors and sprockets. Microswitches will control the reversing of the hydraulic cylinders once the holes are drilled to the correct depth.

10-25-09, 04:41 PM
Jake ceases to amaze. You accoplish more work that benefits and saves money for more people than most large companies cant do in years. Thank you for developing these new tools and processes that allow us to keep our wonderful cars running forever. I love my Eldo more everyday and it seems to just be more happy with those beefy studs in there.

Thanks so much. Keep it up.

10-25-09, 04:44 PM
Sounds like an expensive machine. Have you considered what happens when GM stops making them and there are no more to fix at some point in the future?

10-25-09, 05:03 PM
Yes- I'll have all this machinery and tools that will be completely worthless. That day is coming. I could also die tomorrow. I have to take chances and I think it will be worth the effort and money. GM failed to come up with a decent method of repair and as far as I know Cadillac techs are still drilling and tapping one hole at a time. It doesn't make any sense.

10-25-09, 05:05 PM
Ranger I think I can build this machine for under $5k. It would be worth every penny to me.

The company that cuts the plates for the stud kits are capable of cutting and machining all the steel plates I need to construct this. All I have to do is design this and send them the specs.

I had them machine a plate of steel for me that is 1" thick, 20x20 inches square and milled 100% flat. I use that for checking flatness of a number of things. They're very accurate with their work.

10-25-09, 05:20 PM
Oh, $5000 is nothing. Good investment that will pay for itself in short order. I thought it would be MUCH more than that.