: Sirius problems

10-25-09, 10:26 AM
I have an 07 CTS with the 6 disc bose system. Here is my problem;

Last Spring I swapped the XM for Sirius. (because Sirius is far superior to Xm in regard to reception) I went through 4 Sirius units b4 I got one that worked right. (I'm guessing temp has something to do with it as I was doing this as it was getting warmer.) Anyway I would get a hissing static from the Sirius unit which could be activated/deactivated by simple things like tapping the brake or tapping the shift lever button. So it was intermittent. A sudden voltage drop from tapping switches here and there, but it wouldn't do it every time. After the 4th unit the problem was there a few times at first and went away and has been fine until a couple weeks ago. The same problem has come back. (weather is getting cold again)

Here is my guess. There is something wrong with the factory head unit. But seeing as there are no problems with the system outside of the Sirius application, (including XM as it was subscribed to for a short time) I don't see how the stealership could diagnose a problem shy of installing my Sirius unit on another car which I highly doubt they would do. So the cost of not finding a problem would fall on me, even though it's under warranty.

Here are my thoughts for a solution. Get a used head unit, swap it in and see if the problem repeats itself. If it does, then I know the problem is with Sirius and I can turn around and sell the other head unit. If it doesn't, well then problem solved.

Your thoughts?

11-07-09, 12:21 PM
I think the problem is more in the cables then in the HU or the receiver.

If it keeps disconnecting power then it has to be in the cables where they attach to the HU or the receiver because nothing else should affect the power to the unit.

What I would do is this: Take the trim and everything else around the units off. Try and keep everything as much as possible in the position they are in now. Start the car and see if you can get the power to shut down.

When it happens, gently puch of each end of the cables where they plug into each unit. Try not to disturb the opposite end.

If the power comes back on when you wiggle one, then you know which part needs to be replaced.

Sometimes it can just be something as simple as a loose plug or connection.

BTW, you said that Sirius gets better reception then XM?

I was just wondering how you determined this ?

Just curious because I feel just the opposite..