: 2001 Deville Subwoofer

10-25-09, 01:50 AM
I am trying to add subwoofers to my 2001 Deville, seeing as tho the factory sub is blown and there is no bass. Im trying to run the subs through a RCA converter and the rear sub/speaker wiring. Can someone please tell me which wires(out of 4) do I connect with the power and ground of the RCA converter?

Also I hear you that the rear deck can can be fitted for a 10" "free air" subwoofer, who makes a "free air" subwoofer that fits? Can it be wired to the factory amp?

10-28-09, 12:10 PM
Trust me, Dont do the free air sub, i tried it on my 2000 Deville, sounded like crap, i even did with opening up the hole a bit and putting a 12 inch free air sub, still no good. I wanted to use the same hole but it just doesnt sound good, to me that is. I use a pro box now and it sounds great, only problem is that now i have limited space in the trunk and its HEAVY, it weighs with the speakers about 80lbs, soon i will be working on making a fiberglass box or boxes depending on how much time i have and if the weather holds up. This will lighten up my car and give it the sound i want. Its just an opinion.

11-07-09, 06:12 PM
Anytime anything added to the car is added weight....obviously. However, you can compensate by removing the OEM woofer(10-12lbs). Like K@ddiD@ddi recommmended, Probox are good. Expect any quality sealed box too be a lil heavy. Makes u feel any better, I have 4 12" woofers, one big fiberglass box coated in bedliner(75% of the trunk), two amps and now im 210lbs extra. But it sounds good

11-08-09, 09:27 AM
just found this for sevilles. i would think it would fit your deville too, if not they should be able to make it fit. they do custom work and have a perfect fit guarantee.