: 1994 DeVille two din HU mount

Lars Langoy
10-22-09, 05:00 PM
I want to show you a pic of my Pioneer AVH-P400DVD install.
A two din is longer and narrower than the original HU.
Did involve som wire cutting and splicing as I was not able to find a adaptor wiring, and some cutting inside the radio cave is required due to HU lenght.
Also cutting of the wood trim bezel wil be neccesery, a black filler bezel is included with the new Pioneer.
I replaced my base radio, I know the Bose system is worse to replace.
The radio illumination can be set in several colors also green so it will
blend in good with the dash illumination. Also has a clock, tiny though.
I replaced the speakers as well.
Lars in Norway

10-23-09, 12:30 PM
Not bad at all. That looks really sharp since there's no other buttons around the radio. But like in my car the climate control buttons are just above it, so a radio like that would look.. off.