: 98 Catera Transmission won't shift when cold

10-21-09, 02:42 PM
I already tried a search so please just answer the question. Thank You

Alright, my 98 Catera stays in first gear when cold. It used to do this for the first 100 yards but now it just seems to stay there. I push the snow button and it goes quickly to 3rd and stays there for miles. Sometimes it will finally go into normal mode and all the shifts are clean and nice. A few times it did a shift into 1st followed by a clunk into 3rd and a light with a gear and a T. If I turn the key off this goes away and it shifts fine again. Sport mode works fine when warm. Manual shifts work fine when warm.

I think there is a temperature switch to keep the trans in a low gear. Does anyone know if this is true, where it is located, and how to replace it.

PS: I already changed the fluid, filter, and topped off the level.

10-28-09, 06:54 PM
Looks like you already did what I was going to Rec. There is a temp sending unit. It is located on the coolant bridge on the back of the block between the heads.