: Limp Mode / MAF issues

10-21-09, 01:57 PM
So much to say that I don't know where to start. I have a 97 catera and I've been trying to research this problem for months on and off. Please forgive me if it's out there and I've overlooked it.

P1870 / Limp Mode / transmission light.

Things I've done so far.
neutral position switch
TCC solenoid
dielectric grease in the connections
new fluid and filter

I don't know what avenue to go down next. It seems like it's not a big thing sense it's something that a simple "turn the ignition off as you roll to a stop sign and start it back up" and the lights off for a couple of miles.

Side note:
I don't think it's related because the transmission light was there first.
MAF sensor plugged in, it stalls out. Unplugged runs fine. I've had 3 different MAF sensors(from salvage yard) in and the same results. It's hard for me to believe that all three are bad, there's got to be something else.

Thanks so much for any insight to my troubles.

10-23-09, 09:25 AM
This type of information about the "limp mode" would be great for a "sticking" to help others. As I mentioned, I've been researching this for months and alot of people have come across this.

10-23-09, 04:09 PM
P1870 is a transmission code,is the TCC(Trans converter clutch)i think something with the TCC Solenoid not engaging.Where did you get the "maf issues form?

10-29-09, 09:59 AM
I replaced the TCC soleniod and that isn't the problem or maybe the new one is bad...the MAF issue started after the the transmission problem. It may be related. And if it is, why is it that I've put three different MAF sensor and I get the same problem. Sputter/stalls when I start it up....unplug it and it idles fine.

11-02-09, 07:37 PM
MAF sensors are picky. They don't like sitting around in the elements for who knows how long. Do yourself a favor and buy a new one. If you don't want to fork out the dough for a Catera one, search the forum for several decent prices on alternative MAFs that might work.

You replaced solenoid(s) inside of the transmission or you replaced the Transmission Control Module?

11-06-09, 12:10 PM
The soleniod in the the transmission not the TCM. What are you thinking? Thanks for replying.

11-13-09, 09:39 AM
bump, i'm having this problem in my sister's base model 99. it was low in transmission fluid when we first got it and when i floor it (motor warm) at about 40 the car will choke and i had to throw it in neutral, turn the car off, wait for the belts to stop and re-start it to keep rolling down the road. when it did that it threw the maf sensor code. =/ It was also having problems getting out of 1st but i just filled the fluid and i don't know if that's fixed it yet, she said it did it when it'd been running for about an hour.

11-13-09, 11:55 PM
The soleniod in the the transmission not the TCM. What are you thinking? Thanks for replying.

I was thinking that I would try and understand exactly what you were asking and that you and I were on the same page. Glad I didn't get back to you.