: Bar's Leaks, block seal: Head Gasket Repair ???

08-02-04, 12:31 AM
How you guys doing? Well as most of you already know, i have leaking head gaskets (the headbolts are pulling out of the block) from a head gasket replacement that was improperly done 2 years ago. Well before i attempt to get another head job or engine i wanted to try to see if the Bar's Leak golden seal might work for my car. But i couldnt find it no where, ive looked in wal-mart, advanced auto and autozone. But i did come across another bar's leak product

Block Seal: Head Gasket Repair 1100
premium cooling stop leak
stops block leaks, seals cracked heads, repairs blown head gaskets

Now this sounds too good to be true, especially in my situation. I couldnt find this product on they website so im assuming its new. Please let me know your inputs on using or not using this product. I dont want to digger myself a deeper hole. Oh yea, i bought it from Advance auto parts for about $8.33

Thanks in advance, have a blessed day to all


08-02-04, 12:56 AM
"Bar's Leak golden .. couldnt find it anywhere"
You can get the same thing from the dealership for $4. Just ask for the cooling supplement .. It's ginger and almond shell. Part number: 3634621

08-03-04, 04:52 PM
If it sounds too good to be true.....it probably IS too good to be true....LOL.

08-03-04, 06:44 PM
Talk about too good to be true. I cracked a head four years ago on my 88 chevy truck (305) and a small shop mechanic told me about Blue Devil, a liquid that you put in a cold idling engine with the thermostat removed. I tried it because I was on the road a long way from home and in a hurry. In 45 minutes of idling my truck went from pouring water and steam out of the tail pipe to not having used any water in four years. I called them (Blue Devil) and they said that it would not work on Northstars and they didn't know why. They and I were not aware of the head bolt problem at the time. The stuff is amazing!