View Full Version : radio, gas lid & battery drain-2000 Catera

10-21-09, 10:31 AM
Problem # 1....Radio and gas lid not working all the time

Problem # 2 ...Losing charge on battery...auto store said Battery good

cleaned terminals ...still have to jump every now and then...

in forum...multifunctional relay...K134 maybe something else..

anything I'm missing??

2000 Catera

thanks in advance!!!

10-21-09, 11:14 AM
I had a couple of drains myself. I purhased the battery brain on ebay-never have to jump it again! If it detects a leak it will shut down the battery until you start your car. I believe they have their own website (batterybrain.com) as well.

10-22-09, 12:30 AM
I just picked up a 97 with the same issues.

If you can, you need to put a DC amp meter in place of the main fuses on top of the battery and test the current flow from the terminals where the fuse normally plugs in.

One side is connected to the battery and the other is connected to the "load" or device.
You are testing for current flow to anything in the car that should not be there.

I have a total current flow of 1.5 amps on 3 of the 5 fuses on this block with nothing turned on and the doors closed. Not good.

Next you need a friend to start pulling relays then fuses one at a time, throughout the car to find the device that is causing the drain on the battery. Only pull one at a time and then replace it so you know where it came from all the while looking at the amp meter to see if it drops.

Can't tell you where to look. I'm gone for the next four weeks. Will try to find answers when I get back.

Good luck.

Battery Brain sounds like a good Idea! Thanks JJ.

10-22-09, 02:21 PM
Thanks for both of your advice. I try the trouble shooting and look into the battery brain.

What about problem with gas door and radio? I saw some post about the "multifunctional relay" to fix this problem....what do you think?

10-29-09, 11:44 PM
I have a 2000 that had the same problems, it was the K134 multifunction relay. It has about 12 relays in the unit and controls a lot of systems. Changed mine and have had no more problems. It is located on the drivers kick panel above the hush panel. You will have to remove the panel that goes from the bottom of the dash to the firewall, then look up and it will be a little gray box attached to the kickpanel. I went to my GM dealer and got one for about 65 dollars. It should be gray with a black connector not a big problem to get out just in a little tight area. Hope this helps.