: A couple of minor problems .... can you help?

10-19-09, 06:26 PM
have a 97 Its just over 100,000 miles.. had the infamous oil cooler repaired when I got it. 3 years ago ($1200.00). I just changed the heater control valve myself (49.00) and auxillary heater pump ($320.00). they were gooped up due to water and oil mix and took a while to break down. But I still got NO HEAT . The heat guage does not move at all. and its got a persistent miss when power is applied. I had it scoped... no error codes . The fuel air mix is out a little . the air bag light is on all the time, and it doesn't show on the scope. Its only heating up to 86 degrees Celcius.I suppose the thermostat is stuck open . Another pain in the ass of a job. I keep blowing ignition coils . I have had 3 fail in the last year ($380.00) and I put it in myself. new wires$175.00 aftermarket, wires cost about ($3-$400) from Caddy, plugs all around,The cd player quit so to heck with it. The exotic mirror fell apart. The sunroof switch is whacked, it opens on its own or won't close properly, I got one at the wreckers for 20.00 . list net from cadillac is around $300.00). Every once in a while a parasitic electrical drain drains the battery overnight, God knows!.I just replaced tie rod ends. steering arm, sway bar links, lower control arm bushings ($900.00)
The keyless remote quit working, Its leaking oil into the spark plug galleys,The front headlight clips are broken So the headlights are pointing all over . The lens on the headlights are very cloudy and needs replaced or polished or something. That may not be such a bad thing if they werent so cloudy oncoming drivers would be getting dazzled by the lights bouncing around.The levelling system failed and I replaced the rear shocks with regular shocks.($125.00 did the job myself)The traction control comes on all by itself every once in a while. and wont shut off for a few days . then suddenly the light goes out and it goes into regular mode. for no apparent reason,I just replaced the font rotors .... they were warped... $40.00 each and an easy job to replace And.... oh yes... I just started to hear the steering pump whine when I go around a corner.
You may think that I am abusing or neglecting my car.... to the contrary! I spend a lot of my weekends and sometimes miss a day at work while attending to my cateras constant needs. I have a money eating monster on my hands, it costs me more time and money than my wife does!
I am not going to waste your time cussin and fussin about it.

One more thing ...,ITS FOR SALE !
I wouldn't have another one if you paid me to take it!