: 05 STS NAV doesn't change direction

10-16-09, 11:36 PM
Hi everyone.

Was wondering if any one else is experiencing this or has any ideas on how to fix it.

When I am driving my nav tracks me as it's supposed to but the arrow that shows where you are is always pointed east no
matter what direction I am going.

If I am heading west the arrow and map is pointed east. It looks like your driving backwards. Instead of being able to see what upcoming intersections are approaching from the top of the screen they come up at the bottom so you can't really see early enough to know what they are.

Any suggestions are greatly appeciated. I have tried calibrating the gps 10+ times. (where you adjust the position and then which direction you are pointed)

11-01-09, 01:30 PM
is this stock HU that came with the vehicle? PPL in the CTS forum that installed the OEM NAV in their cts (base model i guess) had that issue. They had to splice into the speed/steering input wires. I don't have a schematic but hopefully someone over here can give you better info. This is info from Ewill (caddi Tech)

"You could take the radio out and look carefully at the antenna coax, make sure the center lead didn't get damaged on the antenna wire, it's pretty tiny and easy to mess up. Make sure the GPS antenna is mounted flush with the sensor side pointing up to the sky. I am assuming you got a factory antenna and mounted it under the dash. It must be placed so that any dash speakers are not over the top of it. The dash panel will not affect it but there are other things under there that could. You may just need to relocate the antenna."

"You must aquire 3 satellites for a position, there is also a screen, I don't recall how to get there.... that shows you a graphical representation of satellites you are getting signals from in an orbital pattern. It shows a hemisphere and some icons. The green icons are satellites the system is recieving a signal from, the grey/black ones are where sats are supposed to be but aren't being picked up.

Your car is going off of data it's collecting from various sensors on the car to attempt to follow you since it can't find a sat verified location.
VSS and SWPS are a couple of inputs to help it do this (speed and steering input)

11-01-09, 01:39 PM
I actually just figured it out a few days ago.

It was a bad VSS wire. I fixed it and it works great now.

Thanks For the reply though