: Well I got another 98 Catera Oil + Coolant Help

10-15-09, 10:36 PM
Well I got rid of my old catera about 2 years ago and have regreded it ever since so I bought another 98 Catera yesterday it has 190,000 miles but drives great but relized when I got it home after a 2 hour drive that the coolant resovoir was pretty milky and I opened up the motor oil filler tube and it looked milky in there also. But it did not overheat the whole 2 hour trip but sometimes when I stopped the car the oil pressure gauge would read 0 PSI. So I talked to a couple of friends some seem to think it is a head gasket and others dont think it is a head gasket because the car didn't overheat at all during the 2 hour ride (it stayed between cold/hot and didn't move at all). I know you guys are great with advice and figured that you guys might be able to lead me in the right direction. I was also thinking that it might be the engine oil cooler. But it is definately good to be back. Hope to hear from some of you soon. Thanks

10-16-09, 03:27 PM
My vote is for the Oil Cooler. Way more common than the Head Gasket plus your steady temp over 2 hours points to a good gasket.

10-18-09, 10:40 PM
Thats kind of a relief. I have the car at the radiator shop now and they are going to power flush everything in the cooling system and the motor also so hopefully I'll have this back by the end of the week. The only thing that sucks is the oil cooler is a dealer only part and it like $400. But it is still worth it. Thanks for your input

10-20-09, 07:23 PM
I really hope that this is not your case.This was my case.


10-24-09, 10:47 PM
Well got the word from the shop it is the Engine oil cooler but they wanted $973 to fix it. So I decided to go and buy a new car ( 2001 Monte Carlo) and I will work on the Catera myself over the winter. As I also need to replace a tie-rod end, rear pads and rotors, and a lower control arm (bushing is junk). But depending if I will have enough space or not I may have to send the car to the junkyard. Which would suck because the car is in great shape otherwise. And I still have my 19" Axis Racing wheels for this car and would like to put them to use.