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08-01-04, 11:54 AM
I have a '97 STS with 54,000 miles. All the lights come on but the starter only clicks when trying to start. Sounds like the old Chevrolets when the starter solenoid is bad. I tried jumper cables from my truck's battery but got no different result. Battery is new within the last year. Cable connections at the battery were cleaned at that time. Any suggestions?

08-01-04, 12:04 PM
Im pretty sure that sounds like the starter relay.....

I know Ive seen a few threads, search in the NORTHSTAR section and this section for STARTER RELAY and see what you come up with...

Be sure to post up results!!

WElcome aboard :welcome:

08-01-04, 02:57 PM


Now I feel like a real dummy.

Went back to basics - battery cables.

Took out the battery and put it on a charger.

Took off the plastic battery terminal covers from the cables. Lots of corrosion that wasn't noticed when the new battery was put in last winter. Cleaned the cable ends and fastening bolts thoroughly with sandpaper, thin coat of silicone grease, put plastic covers back on, installed recharged battery, reconnected cables, tightened connections and it started.

Hope this helps someone even if it does make me feel like a dummy!

08-01-04, 06:50 PM
Very glad it was something esay... Better feel dumb and have something like that than have to tear into it!! :)