: EX- Catera owner

10-12-09, 01:51 AM
Hey guys, some of you may remember me from a year or so ago I was a pretty active member on here.

Owned a 2001 Catera Sport, Silver on Black and loved it to death, had the intake done and that was all I really could do... So I decided to get something that was more mod-able and had better access to parts.

The day I traded it in, so it's modless and clean :(


So the new car is......

That's a rather old photo now, but it's now got the skirts painted, new front bumper and it's a little lower. I have a photo shoot at the end of the month with a couple other G guys so I'll post that if anyone is interested.

I remember a lot of you guys being pretty big on American cars and not having much love for the imports but for those who like cars ;)

Good to see some of the guys that use to be on here still are and it looks like a few of you have definitely upgraded and broke down and bought german parts. Especially MV6 with the irmscher kit? cars looks sick man, new headlights to, VERY nice.

So what's new with mods for these cars? anyone done anything awesome lately?

BTW I plan to buy another catera at some point just for a car to play with.

10-12-09, 11:59 AM
Thats a pretty slick infinity. I knew someone that had the 2 door version of it with the aero package. Congrats on the purchase.

10-12-09, 05:18 PM
Good job man. Got a real sports sedan :)

10-12-09, 05:55 PM
I know that area where the first pic was taken, I see the Ontario plates, but pic looks like it was in NS. Infiniti looks tough man, good job.

10-13-09, 04:56 AM
Thats a sweet ride, probably a big upgrade over the Catera... not a bad choice!

When driving through the mountains of Pennsylvania one of these came up behind me and then drove with me for at least 50-60 miles, we would pass each other one some of the turns and then race away on the straights and that was in the middle of the night... I think we each enjoyed the other cars sounds as it was passing by.

Otherwise the caddy is an interesting vehicle, lack of parts scares some away but the rest just keep on hanging on.

How is the power on that new ride? Is it manual or auto? What other mods have you done?

As for my Caddy or should I say OPEL...

So far its been a joyride and as for the parts just a few come off the top of my head.
Upgraded headlights
GTO Springs
GTO Calipers C5 Pads
Sway bar bushings.
New control arms/bushings.
Front splitter, grille, rear GTO spoiler.
Full Exhaust, but the engine is stock Dynoed at 195RWHP...
Theres probably other things but cant remember right now.

Props to a nice car!

10-13-09, 08:39 AM
The power is awesome, plenty to play with.

Mods I've done so far;
Intake (getting another one soon)
Plenum Spacer
Exhaust resonator delete replaced for Magnaflow and soon to be HKS
Black roof and black roof spoiler
Dropped on Tein H-techs (soon to be Tein flex coil overs)
Motegi Wheels(soon to be replaced with Volks)
15% tint
JDM clear corners with Leds
4500k DTR lights
Razo Shifter
KuRookie Bumper and painted skirts (Done on the 21st! stoked)

Future mods; (before it comes out of hibernation in spring)
unorthodox pulleys
Grounding wires
JDM bride seats

Any JDM guys will love this, if this engine ever dies before I get a single turbo in it then I'm going to do an RB26DETT swap. AKA a skyline twin turbo AWD swap. Will put down about 450 AWHP

It's a 6mt with every option including factory nav. I love this car, ran a 14.1 on the 1/4 this year and by the time I get the rest of the power mods done I hope to be running a 13.5 or lower. :D

I'll post the photos from the photoshoot as soon as they are done. I'm stoked as hell to get it done!

Thanks for the compliments guys.

Anyone else hear anything about the LS1 swap guys? Always loved that idea.

10-13-09, 09:55 AM
I think as far as LS1s go there are 2 people attempting to swap them out. I myself have been debating on a swap but a different kind... a 3.2L Manual out of the CTS... should be plenty for this car to keep it fun and out of trouble.

Otherwise I heard the exhaust of your ride it sounds great... its got that mellow 350Z/G37 sound to it.

I love how the R32s and the G37s sound!

My car has more of a deep rumbly sound but its alright for now.

10-13-09, 09:57 AM
So what do you miss most about the catera? and what is your most favorite thing about the new car...?

10-14-09, 11:13 AM
What I miss, the interior and smoothness of the Catera. Especially my Recaros :crying: That's why I plan to put (bride, sparco or recaro) racing seats in the G. I miss the hug every time I get in the car haha.

What I love about this car, ease of parts and mods. The power, the exhaust sounds over 4000 RPM. My Hfcs will be here by the end of the month and it's going to sound super bad ass. Once I get those on, the headers and the new Y pipe it's going to sound like a ferrari lol.

Here's an older video, the camera doesn't pick up the super low idle sound. But it's got a super low rumple at idle. The HFCs will probably make that a little more noticeable and make the 4000+ rpm sound much dirtier without any rasp. Not to mention maybe 10hp :D it's going to be tuned and dyno'd next spring. So hopefully I get the exhaust from headers back done by then.:D

YouTube - G35 Sedan resonator delete

10-14-09, 11:59 AM
the headers and the new Y pipe it's going to sound like a ferrari lol.

Those cars have a y pipe? I thought they were true duals.. Interesting

10-14-09, 01:34 PM
Those cars have a y pipe? I thought they were true duals.. Interesting

Very few of them come out with true duals now days...

In a mean time I just made a incar video with my new camera stand so if you want to bring back some of those good memories watch this video... :lildevil:

YouTube - 2k1 CCS Custom Camera Mount.