: Advise On high mileage XLR-V

10-10-09, 08:26 PM
I have an opportunity to buy a 2008 with 27,000 miles on it!

Does the mileage depreciate the XLR V? In other words; this amount of mileage hurt the car at all? I will be drive it only 2,000 a year probably if I purchase it! I know that excess mileage has a wear and tear on the engine and transmission but since it is a V8 that might be okay since it a large engine. How about the suspension and over all mechanics?

What price range should I offer on it?


10-11-09, 04:19 PM
In nearly all cases, the higher the milage, the more a vehicle depreciates. The fact that the engine is a V8 has no bearing on it's reliability. A two year-old XLR-V with 27k is considered average milage (most folks average 15k a year for daily drivers, and appreciably less for garage queens.) --This assumes the vehicle was put in service in mid-06.

The suspension (and engine) condition will in large part depend on the driving and maintenance habits of the previous owner. A car with 27k may be in a lot better shape than a vehicle with 3k that was hammered from stoplight to stoplight on a continual basis. The XLR's suspension has been very reliable with very few reports of failure on all the XLR forums I regularly frequent.

Your best bet is to have the vehicle thoroughly inspected by a GM dealer with a certified XLR tech with the proper training. If they don't have one, go to another dealer. The XLR is GM's most complex vehicle to date, and horror stories abound of owners having maintenance performed by mechanics that didn't know what they were doing and used their car as a training aid. Do check the previous maintenance performed using CARFAX.

Compare prices on similar XLRs on autotrader.com to ensure you're getting a fair price. When I bought mine, it was one of the three lowest deals in the country, so I knew the price was right. I haven't regretted the decision yet.

If you plan on keeping the car through the warranty period, consider an extended warranty; Make sure it covers the top, --considered to be one of the most failure-prone components in the vehicle. Most warranties don't cover the top.

Another thing to consider. XLR parts are becoming hard to find due to GM's financial dificulties and the ending of XLR production. Many parts are on national back order at the moment. Time will tell if this situation gets resolved. I started stocking up on top position sensors over a year ago.

If you get a certified vehicle and have a certified XLR tech in your area, you'll save yourself a lot of pain and heartache. XLR is a wonderful vehicle, you'll love it!


10-12-09, 01:31 AM

Thank you your suggestions. I will keep your suggestions of a proper inspection by a certified XLR tech with the proper training when purchasing a vehicle.

I guess now it for me to search the market place and decide upon the condition of the vehicle vs. price.