: I need the software disk 19115256 Ver. 3.10 5

10-10-09, 02:56 PM
After research on here I find I need the software disk to reload my nav system. I have asked the dealer about the disk they don't seem to know what I'm talking about. Could someone help me on this? Thanks

10-10-09, 05:24 PM
find me and online site to host it on and ill upload it for you

10-11-09, 10:30 AM
Could you email it to me?

10-11-09, 04:53 PM

I have the same problem with my navigation system. Unfortunately, I can't repond to any Private messages, although I am a supporting member, so please consider this in your message. If possible, please give me a download link to this image and details for download, I would greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards.

10-12-09, 02:55 PM
I found a dealer that knew what he was doing "I hope" and has ordeared me a disc for $25.00. It should be here in 3 to 5 days

10-18-09, 10:47 AM
I got my disc Friday, loaded it and everything works great.

10-18-09, 09:51 PM
Hello 2002DTS,

I am a new member on the forums. I have a 2003 Seville STS with the factory navigation system and would also like to order a copy of the system software disc in case I have problems with my NAV system and the software is erased somehow. I am not having problems with it now, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

I am having problems with being able to post any new messages or even send PMs to individual members, so I hope that this will be posted.

Thanks very much for all help you can provide!!!


04-18-10, 10:48 PM
Can someone pleeassseee PM me the software! My car battery has drained from this software message and I havent had transportation in 3 days. Even if I pull the fuse for the Navigation it still drains.

Please help me out with the software!

Thank You!

04-18-10, 10:49 PM
By the way its sofware disc 19115256, I have a 2002 Cadillac seville SLS...thanks again!

04-24-10, 09:11 PM
See the new thread...

05-15-10, 04:42 PM
Where is the new thread?

06-21-10, 08:16 PM
Hi all, I have same problem...

I have deville 2002 navi ... Please help!!!

07-04-10, 01:10 PM
long time reader, first post... i also need the 19115256 disk for the same problem everyone else is having. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

07-17-10, 10:52 PM
never mind... i got one

09-17-10, 03:25 AM
I need this same disk...can someone out there help me out?? I called dealer they did not know what I was talking about. If anyone can help me out it would be great.

09-17-10, 01:13 PM
I also need this..could you please help me out? Dealer had no clue what I was talking about and torrent did not work...My email is yugopop@gmail.com

09-17-10, 01:14 PM
Is this download posted somewhere on this forum?

04-22-12, 06:04 AM
I need the software disk 19115256 Ver. 3.10 5

Plz & thanks

07-26-12, 10:21 PM
Aaaah, I've been searching the internets for weeks trying to find this infamous AVN software update disk. Does. Anyone. Have. It?

07-28-12, 11:23 AM
If we get even close to pirated software the entire thread disappears permanently........... Just sayin'............

07-30-12, 10:17 AM
Gotcha. Long time Sub! Not sure if you remember me. We had a talk a while ago. From SS, Tastee Diner, etc...

07-30-12, 10:40 AM
Was up that way last week. Is the gun shop (and Little Tavern) still on ?? Bonifant Street ??

07-30-12, 10:54 AM
i watched an episode of Bar Rescue last night where they turned around a bar in downtown Silver Spring ... the dumb owner did a 180* less than a week later though ... place called Piratz ... a pirate bar


anywho... back to the original topic ... these are only available from the nav disc center and they will only sell them to dealers (as far as i know)
your local dealer should have one in stock and be willing to do the update for you

if you have no luck at your local dealers shoot me a PM or email and i'll see what i can do for you

07-30-12, 02:11 PM
Yup, the gun shop is still there! Oh yea, Piratez Tavern... That hole. It sucks. It's right on Georgia Ave. I've only been there once. Ever. A while ago. Nobody I know likes that place. But the dealer up here, the service guy said that they didn't have the disc. But he also told me that most likely I need a whole new unit. I tried to explain to him that I have a screen up that say I need the update system disc and he said that it's not possible. I even gave him symptoms like how for the past year, it would not recognize any map dvd's. I never really cared because I just use it for radio. He said that the laser was most likely damaged. I told him it read cd's just fine! Anyway, me and him couldn't see eye to eye. And they wanted $124.99 if I bring it to them so I can have them "diagnose" it. I know what it needs... The update disc. Whatevs. If I can't get another dealer to just stick the cd in there and let me be, I'll def be shooting you a pm.

07-30-12, 04:33 PM
the dealers can order that disc for free ... talk to the parts dept people and ask them to try checking that part number when they're logged into the nav disc center website with their dealer access

i think that you still need a tech2 to complete the update even with the disc (well at least i know you do for the 2005+ STS when you use these firmware discs)


07-30-12, 04:35 PM
also another note, i believe that it has a separate lens for reading the nav discs ... otherwise you wouldn't be able to listen to a cd while using the nav

but that's beyond the point ... let me know if you want me to get you a disc - i'm pretty sure I can

07-30-12, 04:50 PM
ok i found a bulletin and it says that you update via the disc only ... no tech2 required

08-03-12, 02:18 AM
I just found this on E-Pay. Seller says he has 5 of the original Firmware update disks. Search ebay for 120961357166 .

08-03-12, 09:37 AM
is it a copy of the disc (illegal, technically) or the actual disc?

no picture makes me wonder

08-03-12, 04:30 PM

and by the way - I just got one in

08-03-12, 05:18 PM
Nice. From what I've read you open the display and use the internal drive to read it (not the changer). I vaguely recall there is like a 10? Second window to do this if not you have to power cycle and try again.

08-03-12, 05:37 PM
well the instructions are right there in the cd jacket

03-04-13, 08:58 PM
Please Help! I also need the disc 19115256. Thank you

D Caddi
06-13-13, 09:54 AM
Hi guys, I also came across the same problem recently in my 2002 STS, had to change the battery and now i have no working head unit with the caution message reading across. I need this Software Disk GM Service Number 1911525. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

06-13-13, 10:04 AM
It's not very smart to post personal contact info in a worldwide chat site - there is a lot of scum that trolls around in here - you may get far, far more than you bargained for.

DO NOT, ever, ask for pirated copies of copyrighted software - CF cannot be a vehicle for transfer of illegal services. - you might well earn a vacation from the site.

08-03-13, 08:46 AM
Hi all, I'm in the need of the #19115256 firmware as mine lost :-/

Is there anyone out there that can provide me with a (active)link or info where to find it ?


08-03-13, 12:47 PM
got you taken care of ... check your email

08-04-13, 06:43 PM
These radios have a lithium battery on the navigation processor board. This battery keeps the firmware in memory as this nav unit doesn't have a hard drive or non volatile memory. These batteries are reaching the end of their life. I would expect you will see a lot more of these dropping there firmware needing the Software Disk run. Unfortunately the battery is soldered onto the board and not user replaceable even though it is a standard lithium battery. It is similar to those used in computers. I have replaced mine and have had no further trouble. Everyone with one of these navigation radios that expects to keep there car should pick one of these disks up and keep it in case you loose the firmware.

02-03-14, 08:30 AM
I am the owner of the car Cadillac Seville STS 2002. The problem with the car radio and navigation. Need a disk with software, catalog number 19115256. The dealer is none. I live in Ukraine. Help buy. Help will be grateful. Writing through translation.

Please Help. Nobody can help in my country. Buy disk to mail (schalyn2@gmail.com). I am looking for a very long time.I will be grateful.

02-03-14, 09:45 AM
This may be an overseas request, but CF does not condone and will not support requests for pirated (copied) software.

0830 AM Post edited.

02-03-14, 10:23 AM
to buy, where it (19115256) can be?

02-10-14, 05:25 AM
Bought the CD catalog number 19115256. The instructions specified how to do software update. What's his record? I have it broken, the head unit is always on and the screen title (photo), the front panel in the open position and is only active TILT button - get the disc. What is the procedure of learning recorder. Thank you.
I read somewhere: Press TILT, apply power, should be open front door. Does anyone have a detailed training procedure using the recorder drive after you replace the batteries in the radio.

02-11-14, 10:08 AM
N*Caddy wrote
At this moment it can not do anything other than accept a firmware disk and install it automatically.
The firmware for these units comes installed on a CD (CD not DVD) and has about 7.5 MB.
To install the firmware:
1. Get the firmware CD.
2. Turn off the ignition and open one door (your NAV unit should power OFF).
got a problem, I have it does not turn off, always active.What to do?
3. Turn the ignition ON (ACC) and in the very first 5 seconds after the NAV powers up press TILT. (Caution with no firmware the screen will NEVER retract back, so once you tilt the screen you need to install the firmware in order to retract the screen back).
4. Immediately after the screen tilts insert the firmware disk (the unit should pull the CD in). If no luck repeat step 2 and 3 just this time since the screen is already tilted you just insert the disk immediately after the unit power up.
5. With the disk in you can only eject it (using tilt) in the first ~20 seconds after power up (if you need for some reason to cancel the firmware install).
6. Once the CD is in the unit takes up to 1 min to read the disk and initiate the install procedure (just relax for the first minute or so is normal - looks like is frozen but in fact is doing stuff).
7. Approximatively 1 minute after firmware disk is inserted a progress bar will show up. The progress bar will take about 1 minute to get from 0 to 100%. If the disk is scratched/damaged or for some reason the unit can't read it in less than 1 minute after disk is inserted a message should show up with something like "wrong disk....". You need to restart unit (step 1 + 2) eject disk, insert (same or other) disk again.
8. Once the progress bar gets to 100% 3 beeps will be emitted, the screen will retract and you will be prompted with the Cadillac logo over the blue screen.
10. Your firmware is restored and you can resume the use of the NAV unit.

Why the firmware is lost in the first place?
The firmware is preserved in a memory that requires power to be maintained. The power is provided from a small (coin size) rechargeable battery internal to the NAV unit (kind of like the BIOS settings on a computer motherboard). This battery is recharged from your car battery and should be able to hold the firmware for years without external power. The problem is, in time the battery can not hold a charge, so it gets from years to no more than 2-3 seconds. This is especially if the car battery is disconnected/or dead for long periods of time (say you don't drive the car over the winter and the battery is old so by spring is already flat). But this only accelerates the process, in time no matter what the small internal battery does deteriorates. Even with a bad internal battery the firmware should still be stored as long as the car battery is connected. But one day for some reason you will disconnect the battery and in the following seconds you loose the firmware.
You can actually replace this internal battery (is like $1.99 retail) and you can have piece of mind that in the next 8-9 years is likely that your firmware in the unit will not vanish. It does involves removing the NAV unit from the car and dismantling half of it to get to the battery. Then soldering is required.

need to change the battery in a software update?

tech2 should see the radio when connected to a car?
possible to restore the software by using TIC2WEB?

08-30-14, 04:37 PM
19115256 disk

09-02-14, 05:37 PM

10-31-14, 06:28 PM
in need of that disc please help 19115256 Ver. 3.10 5

01-06-15, 01:40 AM
I need the software disk info 19115256 ver.3.10.5. My grandson found a hidden menu on my 2003 sts seville hit a button and it was erased. I am new to forems and not very good on computer but I do email ok . If you can help me please PM. Thanks in advance for any help.

Please do NOT post your e-mail address in an open worldwide forum. You WILL receive far, far more than you ever bargained for. The spammer scum that surfs these sites just loves to get free access to people's accounts. Please learn and use the site PM (Private Message) system for personal communication. Thanks for the interest, CF Staff

04-16-15, 12:34 PM
I have same problem...

I have deville 2002 navi ... Please help!!!

10-10-16, 12:31 PM
I too am in need of this disk. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

05-24-17, 07:35 PM
I have a 2002 Cadillac STS with the same Nav/Radio problem. I've been told that I need this firmware/software CD P/N 19115256. Do you still have info on where to order one? Greg

06-01-17, 06:52 PM
I need the software /firmware disc #19115256 for my 2002 CAD STS . Can you help? Email gfergs2003@gmail.com Please advise. Thanks Greg

06-07-17, 07:52 AM
Hello every one.

I too need the disc P/N 19115256, for a 2002 Seville Nav system. Where can I buy this. Please, PM me.