: '03 CTS Frt Suspension Noise

10-10-09, 09:24 AM
Per title have this issue in right front suspension. Car has 49K miles and this problem has cropped up in the last 1k miles or so and seems to be getting more prominent. I'd describe the noise as a cracking/popping/snapping noise and seems to only occur when turning to the right or taking a righthand sweeper (thus weight of car is transferring to the left). Noise is also starting to happen when going over bumps in the road or when braking.
Had my alignment/suspension shop examine. 1st thought it was the swaybar link so disconnected & drove....noise still evident. Technican found service bulletin on rear lower control arm bushing. As I recall the bulletin said to spray the rear bushing with silicone and if the noise went away that was the problem. Technican liberally sprayed the bushing & drove....no change.
Anyone experience this problem & have an idea as to fix?

12-13-09, 06:26 PM
Not sure but I have a similar noise on my 06...going to the dealer tomorrow....Mine makes a popping/snapping noise sometimes when in reverse and if the wheel is turned all the way. It also makes the same noise sometimes when braking...sometimes meaning it does it when it feels like and other times it won't...took me actually having to make it happen for the dealer to hear it.

11-10-10, 02:20 PM