View Full Version : Bent valve on '97 Catera

07-31-04, 07:42 AM
What would cause the timing to "jump", bending a valve?? I think it just happened to me. And i thought I would have a little luck with this car. Not even 100,000 miles on it yet.

07-31-04, 11:28 AM
Oh crap.

You've got a failed, or failing tensioner system... check the water pump also.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. This was the major problem on this car.

07-31-04, 11:29 AM
"Notice: Gm Special Policy Bulletin #02018 Provides 7/100 Warranty coverage For 97 And 98 Catera Timing Belts, Tensioners, Pulleys, Water Pumps And Any related engine damage due to a failure through 7 years/100,000 miles. Gm recall bulletin #02041 provides for a service inspection and replacement if necessary of Timing Belts, Tensioners, Pulleys And/or Water Pumps on all Cateras."

http://f3.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/8LMLQQSppDGquMJEPNsakPYnxNyJmb-gWAu5iHAk25KQZ8kLB6HH5OWvNVPlWBr6cRD3ndXfCCjNnNnoC QD_WYzE0FSdmuNol-I/Cadillac%20Catera%20TSB%20%26%20Service%20Files/TSB%20-%20Timing%20Belt%20Cam%20Drive%20Idler%20Tensioner %20%20Water%20Pump.htm

http://f2.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/8LMLQegBONequMJE5wXu9ir_aGFqVyvTZFa7XoruLK_uPruTHg SduxJhsBaTS0YU5y0ivZhEtu7ivjuQtT_N-OOR_dXze2ZcP0A/Cadillac%20Catera%20TSB%20%26%20Service%20Files/TSB%20-%20Timing%20Belt%20Tensioner%20-%20Special%20Policy%20Adjustment%20.htm

07-31-04, 01:11 PM
Thanks much for the reply. Even though I've only had the car a month I have a work order from last year that shows the tensioner and pulley were replaced under warranty 10,000 miles ago. Can it go again?? Thanks again because this is bothering the heck out of me.

08-01-04, 09:17 AM
Is the tensioner outside of the engine? I want to see if I need to take to GM or to my regular mechanic. Also, if it is the tensioner.....if it was fixed under the recall, can it be fixed again? Mine was changed 10,000 miles ago under a different owner.

08-01-04, 01:52 PM
Well if your warranty's still good... they should be able to fix it. If you go to another mechanic to fix it, they wont re-emburse you. (GM that is).

Having a bent valve is pretty uncommon, i doubt that the holder came out but anything can happen. Theres a possibillity that the belt jumped but that shouldnt happen.

11-23-05, 07:47 PM