View Full Version : Meet Walter! Walter is my fish. Walter is dead. Walter is delicious.

10-08-09, 08:07 AM
Started filling my cooler with ice.

Made the 15-minute drive to Bob's Seafood Market on Olive Blvd.

A pretty good selection of saltwater and freshwater fish considering we're in the middle of the country. The counter was very long.

I picked out this guy and named him Walter. $22 for him, $10 for the sack of mussels.

Stuffed him in my cooler and put him in the back of the Mustang. Took Walter for a ride home. Not nearly as enjoyable to drive with as my dog.

Stopped at Global Foods in Kirkwood to pick up cilantro, oranges, lemons, imported sodas, and flatbread.

Some kind of soft flat bread, reminded me of nan.

Walter will be baked in a salt dome.

He looks horrified.

10-08-09, 08:07 AM
I stuffed the snot out of him.

First, I laid a bed of salt. In a mixing bowl, I combined 6 lbs of kosher salt with five egg whites and a cup of water. I kneaded it all together. This helps the salt stay in place as an exterior shell while baking and helps it come apart when finished.

I packed the salt all over the top and sides. This keeps Walter from losing moisture in the oven.

After 40 minutes at 450F, he was ready to come out. I let him rest on the stove for ten minutes. I used a hammer out of my toolbox to gently tap the sides of the salt shell and remove it as one big piece.

Using a long knife, I cut along the top of his skin and removed the meat from each side. The head and bones very easily came off as a single piece.

Mussels took a bath in chicken broth. Once they popped, they were ready.

Enough fish and mussels to generously feed four people. Goes great with flatbread and white rice.

Total expense:
Oranges - $1
Lemons - $.50
Cilantro - $.80
Broth - $4
Mussels - $10
Bass - $22
Flatbread - $2
Rice - $1
Two large boxes of kosher salt - $3.50

Total: A little over $44 or about $11/person for four people.

10-08-09, 08:34 AM
Next time, filet that Striped Bass (Rock) and, using just a dash of salt and pepper, broil the filets, flesh side up. The meat will be slightly firm and flaky when correctly done.

10-08-09, 05:51 PM
Tooooo much food network for you!!!!

10-08-09, 06:03 PM
No food network here - I catch and filet my own fish, catch and steam my own Bay crabs (don't get cute), tong and cook/shuck my own oysters. Make my own tartar and cocktail sauces.

It's a case of seafood: see food an' ya' eat it............

10-08-09, 06:21 PM
No food network here - I catch and filet my own fish, catch and steam my own Bay crabs (don't get cute), tong and cook/shuck my own oysters. Make my own tartar and cocktail sauces.

It's a case of seafood: see food an' ya' eat it............

Sorry,too much food network for Jesda.I saw Alton Brown make the same thing on TV,the wife has a food network problem and always cooks weird stuff.

Dude i'm with you,when it comes to fish if I didn't catch it, I don't trust it.:highfive:

I bet that fish stunk up his house hard core!

10-08-09, 07:49 PM
Alton Brown is the man.

I absolutely hate fishing. I used to watch my mom catch and clean fish, never enjoyed the smell and mess. Hell, I don't even like working on my own cars. If I had my way, I'd sit in a throne and have midgets feed me. I know some people love to fish for the sport/serenity/cost efficiency/authenticity. I might take up fishing if civilization ended and the world's fishing industry disappeared. Until then.... :)

That fish smelled pretty damn good while baking. The lady at the counter had me sniff-check it before purchasing. What didn't smell so good was the fishy odor left on my shirt while prepping.

I -really- like the way my mom prepares salmon. She sears them in oyster sauce then tosses them in the oven. So simple, tastes incredible.

10-08-09, 10:00 PM
Have you ever had someone at a store ask you why you were taking so many pictures of random things? Just wondered.

10-08-09, 10:49 PM
Blackberry is stealthy :)

10-08-09, 11:17 PM
Gotcha, lol.

The Tony Show
10-09-09, 12:10 AM
Twenty two dollars for that little bugger? Holy crap. I never realized I catch a small fortune every time I go fishing.

http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs156.snc1/5820_1089615846928_1422422669_30233911_1238311_n.j pg

10-09-09, 01:26 AM
Filet o Fish .99 here in Ctown.
Lots easier and Im sure a lot less hassle


c5 rv
10-09-09, 01:16 PM
Twenty two dollars for that little bugger? Holy carp. I never realized I catch a small fortune every time I go fishing.

Fixed it for you...

10-09-09, 01:51 PM
Store-bought decent fish can be very close to the same price as Filet Mignon.

A lot of people shy away farm raised catfish, but they're missing a real seafood treat................either cornmeal battered and fried or simply baked in a 350 degree oven with salt, pepper, and paper-thin lemon slices draped over the filets.

10-09-09, 02:08 PM
Catfish is pretty much the only thing here that's cheap, since its usually local.