: Heater Core Inlet Connector O-Ring Leak

10-07-09, 12:45 PM
With just a little wiggling the tube came out of the connector, obviously a broken O-ring, stuck my finger in there... and out came two peices of O-ring... ugh. :helpless:

Thanks first of to submariner and AJXTCMAN as well as a few others who helped me get the concept of whats wrong (i don't even know how to change oil). So... I need to fix this myself... no more money left after head gasket repair. I'm going to the store to buy a ratched wrech to get the connector off (very difficult spot to get at) and an o-ring... looks to be about a 3/4 inch that goes in there... any tips on what to get? or how to get the connector back on in such a tight space is appreciated...

thanks fellas!