: Car stopped at a light and has problems starting

10-06-09, 05:29 PM
Yeah, so i got my Catera at a car auction that had issues from the beginning, but i got most of the big ones out of the way... except now i got a new problem, the car wouldn't start. This started happening about 5 days ago. I would... umm, turn over? like make the sound like its about to start, but doesnt full start. now THEN, just a couple days ago, it engine just turned off on me at a stop light! and to make it worse, the engine turned off on me again while i was making a turn today. soooo ive read a lot of discussions on this already, but there were a lot of solutions. the most relative one was replacing the CPS, would that fix it?

btw, im a poor poor poor poor college kid who's parents arent in the mood to help with my car problem.

10-06-09, 10:13 PM
that is most probable, you can buy one for $40ish thru rockauto.com
it takes one of those funky e-torx sockets like all the other fasteners on the engine, its down underneath the drivers side of the engine, near the oil filter/filter housing

it is a bit hard to fully seat because of the rubber o-ring seal, dont attempt to use the hold down bolt until you manually push the sensor fully into place or the hold down tab will crack, i found out first hand

10-11-09, 11:03 PM
thanks for the tip dude! the pictures and instructions for the 98 catera did dick for me! all that it did was waste my time in taking off the wipers and removing the plastic panel... that sucked! any more pointers? cause i know its going to be hard as hell trying to get to this thing