: fuel pump bolts didn't want to go to work!

07-30-04, 07:26 PM
The other day i was rollin on in to work and as i was driving i heard a noise like a rock had hit the bottom of the car which i thought was odd because i had never had a rock hit the bottom of the car on that road before. I came to the next light and had to stop and when i accelerated from the light the car just died. so i coasted it over in the median luckily the car died right across the street from where i work. One of the guys i work with was onhis way to work a little late that day and saw me along side of the road and towed me over to the parking lot at work. and on my luch break i went out there to try and diagnose my problem. and as one of the guys at work was cranking the engine the fuel line from the pump to the carb looked like it was going to jump off the engine. And it turned out that both the bolts holding the fuel pump on the block had worked tier way out until they fell out. so i scavanged a bolt from the back corner of the Q-jet and one off the throttle linkage and bolted the fuel pump back on to get home where i had some standard bolts.
this experience just got me pondering on how the fuel pump push rod it activated on the 425's. do they work off the cam like a chevy or i heard that some work off the cam gear. but i just thought i'd share my story and try and find out what pushed the fuel pump push rod.

07-30-04, 07:48 PM
Under the timing plate there is an offset circular drum that is bolted to the camshaft. The fuel pumps arm is flush with it, so when the little drum spins it pushes on it and releases...and so on.

barge master
07-30-04, 10:52 PM
The last chump who did a pump in my 89 didn't tighten the bolts either and it started leaking oil all over the morning of my wedding.I managed to tighten the lower one as a quick fix. Shortly thereafter, the ear broke off. The next pump died suddenly after 6 weeks. I went and got another and it was pumping enough fuel to run a funny car. Flood city. I finally got an AC pump and it worked great. The moral of the story is, get under that thing and look it over now and then.