View Full Version : Breakthrough for anyone with bad exhaust cams

10-06-09, 03:01 PM
Good news. We here at Northstar Performance have struck a deal with a camshaft regrinding company to cost-effectively re-grind cams for the Northstar. New ones (when I priced them) are in the range of $500 per shaft.

We will very soon be offering remanufactured camshafts at around half price or less. Only good ones (barely worn) will be sent away for regrinding. This will restore them to 100% factory specs. The lifters will easily compensate for the small amount of material removed.

We'll be shipping out about 50-100 cams at a time to bring the cost as low as possible.

Availability will be soon; probably in a month or so.

In due time we might be purchasing used cams from people, so don't throw out what you have.

10-07-09, 02:01 PM
thats sweet Jake. good news!.
how did you modifyed cams turn out? any luck on the front.

Ps. i will call you later today

10-07-09, 09:39 PM
Hey Taylor don't have them installed yet and don't currently have the time. I was doing a bit of framing in the back of the shop; heard the phone ring but I was on some scaffolding at the time with a claw hammer. Over five grand worth of new roll-up doors are due for installation on Friday- I just have to do a bit of prep work.

During that week you mentioned we can get your TCC issue resolved. I'll try to call you tomorrow sometime to set it up.

10-07-09, 09:59 PM
no worries man. i was surfing your website. saw the new front page and it looks great, and saw your note about re structuring your shop! wicked.
get back to me when you have time.

10-11-09, 07:31 PM
Oh hey Taylor I definitely want to get some more of those rear window decals printed off. Went through them all and some customers are requesting them now too :D

10-12-09, 03:29 PM
well good! i will try to call you again this week! LOL..