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07-30-04, 11:13 AM
I have 2 Complete 1949 Cadillac cars that were rides at Meyers Lake Park in Canton, Ohio. The D/C motors have been rebuilt, and restored by my father and I, and are in perfect working order and look new. The chassis were junk when we purchased the cars, and have been replicated by a metal fabricator we know. The look identical to the originals, and the motors are mounted on them.The bodies have were busted up, and my father and I did all the fiberglass work to fix them. One of them is in primer and ready to be installed on the chassis to be block sanded and painted, and the other isn't quite as far, but the fiberglass is all fixed and just needs sanded and primed.
My father ended up getting sick while we were finishing the fiberglass work on the 2nd car, and we found out he's allergic to fiberglass resin, so we kind of just stopped where we were in the restoration process.
These cars are both 6 foot long, and RUN. I'm sure they would be considered very desirable on the collector's market due to some of the prices I've seen for real junk on eBay.
We are very interested in sending these treasures down the road. We've progressed into vintage motorcycles, and to be honest, we could really use the extra space. Any chance you might know someone that might be interested in purchasing these? They are not for sale separately, and I don't take checks.
I'm in the Northeast Ohio area.
Please reply if you or anyone you know might have any interest in these.
Scott W.
feel free to email me flyinhiagin@hotmail.com