: Feeler: Group buy on Kooks Header system

10-01-09, 06:21 PM
Wanted to see if anyone would be interested in doing a group buy on the Kooks header system. Our current List price on them is 1899.00 for headers and catted x pipe or 2289.00 for the complete system with cats and kooks mufflers. If we could get at least 4 orders together we would be able to pass an extended saving on to you.

I dont have an exact price as of yet but im guessing it should be around or less than 1775 for the headers and x pipe and around 2150 for the complete system w/ cats and kooks mufflers.

If you are interested then post here or PM me and I will start getting a rolling list together.

visit our website here http://www.performancesolutionsracing.com/catalog/144
we are still working on the website but it should be 100% w/ shopping cart shortly.