View Full Version : Drag radial help

09-30-09, 03:08 PM
I have a pair of 18 inch drag radials to put on my cts-v, but can't find any rims to fit the car. I have tried the c5 Z06 18 x 10.5 rims in both the +58 and +56 offset. Both times they hit the brake caliapers. I saw that others on this forum say they use c5 Z06 rims on the 09 V. What is the secret? Has anyone found a way to get drag radials on this car?

10-01-09, 03:07 PM
No one on this forum knows how to get drag radials on our cars?:banghead:

brent eb02
10-01-09, 07:31 PM
mine work perfect

cant understand your problem cause mine just bolted up fine

10-01-09, 08:00 PM
Do you know what year your rims are. Maybe that makes a difference. I'm scratching my head on this one too!

10-01-09, 08:25 PM
Check with Wait 4 me, he had some fairly inexpensive wheels perfect for drag radials...