: Took a trip in the 09

Mike 09 V
09-29-09, 09:13 PM
Just finished a round trip from Phoenix to LA and observed the following:
1) Water temp stayed exactly the same regardless of outside temperature. Once the car warmed up, swings of 73 to 110 degrees made no change in the temp.
2) Averaged 20.5 mpg with an average speed of 71.5 including stops. Normal cruise speed was around 82. I would like better but am not too unhappy.
3)I thought the tire noise was excessive, especially on the grooved Cal concrete freeways. I have an SRX and had Park Avenues and the noise is a lot less on the same roads. Not complaining though.
4) Tire pressure varied from 34 to 39 psi from dead cold to hot at speed.

Great car, ready to do it again!