: Coming back home

09-29-09, 05:23 PM
Im getting either an sts or aurora for my next toy what do you guys think?

09-29-09, 06:03 PM
Late STS - driver's door build date of 02/02 or later. 17" chromed 7-spokes. All the running improvements done to the Seville series plus Magnetic Ride Control (RPO F55).

Last real STS (Seville Touring Sedan) was built late 06/03. All Seville production stopped in 12/03, so there are some "2004" SLS' around.

10-01-09, 05:39 PM
you should mention what years you are looking for. can't make guesses. 95 STS or 2002? getting an average car with nicks or a mint condition ride? i see tons of 94-95 STS cars with bad motors for 500 or so.