: Thank god!!!!!

09-27-09, 08:20 PM
Ok, the engine and transmission are finally back in my catera! After fighting with it for an hour and a half or so its finally sitting in there. So now all thats left is to screw around with the wiring and that water plumbing system in the back. So all I can say is this ****er better run when im done or im just gonna go ape shit. :crying2:

That or just lose my mind :histeric:

09-27-09, 08:28 PM
What had happened?

09-27-09, 08:45 PM
Well, im not entirely sure. It had some piston to valve contact, but i dont know how it happened. Im guessing the timing belt jumped or something, but when i took it apart for the first time all the 7 pistons had valve marks on them and one of them was just gone. Found 3 big chunks of that piston as well as smaller pieces in the upper intake plenum. The connecting rod was broke and it shoved part of it through the windage tray and broke a piece of the girdle out. That part of the cylinder head was beat to shit, and it cracked the upper oil pan. So i get a 3.2 cts engine off of ebay for 2k and here we are today.

09-27-09, 10:09 PM
Oh wow.... well post some pics and lets see that beauty...

I think a 3.2L with the manual will be a real awesome package for this car...

09-28-09, 11:19 AM
You need to have photobucket to do that right?

09-28-09, 02:08 PM
Well Photobucket is my favorite site for posting pics... there are a few others out there but I dont like their design as much.

Otherwise account is free and all you need is an email for it...

09-28-09, 04:08 PM
alright, ill get some pics up soon, i think i just got done doing all the coolant plumbing behind the engine and i gotta get going to work soon

09-29-09, 03:45 AM
Well i just re-read my earlier post describing the violent death that the old motor went through, and i must have been thinking it was a v8 or something lol. Ah well maybe tomorrow wont be such a scatterbrained day.