: Head gasket interchangeability?

09-25-09, 04:59 PM
So since my engine is being pulled to do some things I'd like to do, I am curious that if the later MLS head gasket will work on my '97. They are obviously the same sizewise as it seems in the pictures, but are the thicknesses the same? I am only wanting to do it since MLS gaskets are known to be much more reliable in any application, even in stock form.

11-03-09, 05:42 PM
I'm gonna bump this to the top since the engine is finally coming out next weekend.

11-04-09, 06:53 PM
Hmmm. I think they might be thicker. The later model year gasket looks different. It is not the gasket that fails- it is the head! It warps after overheating, goes out of shape. So, have the heads refaced (either way you go) and you can probably go with the regular Fel-Pro replacement. Just my thought. I did a head gasket job last fall, so...

11-05-09, 10:39 AM
Mine aren't blown, nor are the heads warped. I'd just like to replace them. If I can get ahold of both kinds, I'll see if the later ones are thicker. I haven't asked on the Vauxhall forums yet.. it's possible that they would know if something like this could be done. I was curious since the 2.2 OHV in the S10 can have the later MLS gasket installed, and it pretty much fixes the head gasket problem the 94-97 2.2 had.

It's just that iron block/alum head engines scare me... I had a '94 Century with the 3100 that blew a gasket, and warped the head so bad it had to be replaced, and then my mom had a '91 Found On Road Dead Thundershit with the 3.8, and that sorry excuse of a car blew the head gaskets every 30,000 miles. :histeric: