: Can I replace the outter, painted, mirror cover or replace the whole thing?

Black Hole
09-25-09, 02:43 PM
The only body damage on my black 01 is it appears that someone tagged a mailbox with the passenger mirror. The actual mirror is fine, but the painted cover is cracked and missing a 3"x3" triangle off the lower outter edge.

I'd like to replace it and the cheapest that I've found on ebay for an 01 is like $165.

Which years would work (power/heated mirrors) and can I just replace the outter cover or do I need to replace the whole thing?


09-25-09, 03:18 PM
00 and 01 will work and I think the outer cover is just a snap on piece that was installed after the mirror mechanism went in...

Try ebay.co.uk for some of those mirrors for cheaper or car-parts.com for your local scrap yards... you may even find one that is same color as yours.