: stock head unit with Ipod,amp and subs question

09-25-09, 01:09 PM
For the last few days ive been trying to find out exactly what can be done to put an aftermarket HU in a 00'+ deville without all of the gremlins that are common ( my car is a base deville, no bose, cd or nav). It looks like theres not really a good way to do it so I am going to forget the cd thing all together and base it off of an Ipod.

I plan on getting a harness to run the Ipod off the the cd changer controls on the deck. for the amps I will use either amps with speaker level inputs or a LOC. I will upgrade all of the door speakers and have a box built for 2 12's in the trunk. I have done a number of full systems in my cars but always just based off of an aftermarket cd HU with rca's so this kind of stuff is all new to me. My questions are these,

1) is it possible to run the factory wiring to the speakers with the amp, meaning can the amp be run "in line" somewhere to avoid having to rewire the whole audio system. Im not talking huge watts, just enough for good clean sound at volume.

2) Would I be better off just using a signal processor and getting amps with speaker level inputs?

3) Are there amps with speaker level inputs that can cleanly power subs?

4) what is the generally agreed upon best cable to run an ipod from the base factory HU?

5) My factory sub is blown and I see no reson to replace it considering what im doing, can the facory sub be taken out of the equation without affecting the other speakers ( are they all looped together and the others wont work if the sub is disconnected?)

thanks guys!