: DANG! 337k Catera

09-23-09, 02:47 PM
Just pulled some interior parts for my Catera off of a '97 with 337,562 :eek: on the odometer, and yes, it was really 337k. It was a friend of mine, owned it since new and commuted from Ohio to NYC frequently. It was still in pretty good shape surprisingly, but suffered a timing belt failure (he thinks the shop screwed it up) and destroyed the heads and valves. Far cry from the 75k on mine.

Only problems he had with it were the oil cooler (obviously), 1 set of valve cover gaskets, 2 water pumps, 2 alternators, and 1 coil. Plus the regular maintenance such as spark plugs, wires, oil changes, timing belts, etc. Pretty good, IMO.

I really wish I could get pics of the odo, but the guy is 120 miles away, west of Columbus, OH.

09-23-09, 06:50 PM
That Cat must of had and used all of its 9 lives...lol

09-23-09, 07:13 PM
Mine has 135K and its gonna hit 150 by the end of next month....
I plan on taking it past 200K

Mine runs like a champ with a healthy motor and a trans that shifts and works as good as new... and I don't drive my cars easy either...

Just a good car I guess...