: Batman's Northstar

09-23-09, 05:53 AM
I do powder coating on the side. I was contacted by the gentleman who built three of the Batman Tumblers for the first movie. The three he built were used for stunts and they all had 400ci small block Chevys in them. He is currently building another for the studio and this one has a Cadillac Northstar in it. It has a small blower on it and he was told it should make about 600 hp.
Attached are some pictures I took with my camera phone. I will be getting and taking better pictures in the near future.

Just wanted to post something other then questions.

Thanks for all the help.

09-23-09, 06:40 AM
Uh, there are no pics...

09-23-09, 07:11 AM
Sorry about that.
The images were to big, I had to resize.

09-23-09, 04:48 PM
I wonder if I could fit my Fiero body on that

09-24-09, 08:49 PM
I hope that N* has been studded :shocked:

09-24-09, 09:56 PM
Look like that motor got tune by chrf.

09-26-09, 10:35 AM
sweet. is that a custom AWD setup? i see the diff in front of the motor? cool. i wonder if it uses the "stock" sts transfer case or srx variant? probably has matched diffs/axle housings front and rear.

09-26-09, 11:30 AM
Hog could you get some more picture?:)

09-26-09, 07:21 PM
Hey guys
I will get more as we get it together more. It is a rear wheel drive car. The motor is in backwards, the trans is out of a Chevy s-10. The driveshafts go forward then transfer type case. out of a race boat, then to the rear. The gear ratio in the rear is 6.5 to 1 but because of the transfer case in the front it is closer to 7.5. Really a impressive piece of machinery.

09-26-09, 11:07 PM
sounds like a boat "V" drive. my dad and i built a corvair with a chevy small block. it used the stock transaxle/trans turned 180 degrees. compact install. the motor was in the backseat area. i saw another car that had a turbo 350 auto trans that was output to a transaxle? how they stuffed all that in the car is foggy to me. long time ago.