: Disappointment in Cadillac Not Winning Customers

09-23-09, 01:39 AM
I was not always a wealthy man. I came from a very poor family. When I bought my first cadillac it was a huge thing for me to spend the money. It was just last year in early 08. It didn't last long and I traded it for another one because the service people couldn't get parts and when they did I continued to make trips back to the shop for little thinks like check engine lights. Anyway, this SUV is now a year old and has also been a lemon. I was thinking that spending seventy thousand dollars on a vehicle would mean that I would get a solid, tight, well made vehicle. Not the case. I wish I had my money back. I sit here thinking about how aggrevating it is to get in that thing each day just to listen to the resinating vibration in the back end which apparently can't be fixed. I say that because I've taken it in several times and it is still there. One of several things I've had to take it in for. How can GM stay in business? If I didn't owe so much on this POS it wouldn't be sitting in my drive. Imports from now on.