: Fuel system upgrades available.

09-22-09, 11:52 AM
We found some special injectors that work PERFECTLY with the lsa version motor and thier odd spray pattern.

They are the same package size also which is a plus, meaning NO MODIFICATIONS to the fuel rail are needed!! :)

Just plug them in, Change the fuel injector plugs on the harness, "Takes an hour" and then plug everything in and tune the car and drive....

It is a fairly simple thing to do.

The second part of the kit is a modified pump controller that will add alot more fuel Volume from the Fuel pump pulse width modulated controller.

It will support WAY over what most people will ever make horsepower wise.

900+ should be no problem at 70psi. Even at 40psi, it supports 650 rwhp with this kit.

I only have A FEW of these kits available so they are first come first serve.

I will include a injector table set for efilive software for those tuning yourselves. But of coarse, the guys with handhelds will just get free emailed tunes for the adjustments.

Kit price is $1000 shipped to the USA. Including the fuel injector plugs you will need.

Once the kits are gone, i May not sell any more.. Thanks.