: Someone Help Me Out On This

09-22-09, 11:39 AM
As a past Eldorado owner (and actually missing the 2 door sport coupe lineup), I turn to the CTS and the STS. Can someone tell me why an STS is priced far more on sticker price than an equally equipped CTS......yet the STS seems to depreciate in value much faster than the CTS. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of difference between these two models and it seems the bargins lie with a used 1 to 2 year old STS over the CTS. That be the case, I will opt for a fully loaded used certified STS over a CTS.

BTW, I know Cadillac has a CTS coupe in the making but...............................??

09-29-09, 08:13 AM
The CTS is far more popular (probably due to it's lower initial cost as well as the recent redesign). Typically the more expensive a car is new, the faster it will depreciate. As to why the STS is so much more expensive to begin with, other than the fact that it comes with the DI engine base, and V8 optional I have no clue. It's slightly bigger but the CTS actually seems to be "nicer". That said I love my STS.
It seems that resale value is proportional to the popularity of a new model. For instance look at a few year old Mercedes S-class... you can get them down in the $20k range now as well..