: 2010 CTS-V prototype website

09-21-09, 05:41 PM
GM has been slow getting the 2010 MY updates on Cadillac website. Due to posting restrictions I can't show the actual link, but here is the partial URL for the 2010 CTS-V prototype microsite for those of you shopping for a new V (search with Google and you'll get there):

09-21-09, 06:08 PM
So... I was 'building' my 2010 CTS-V and thought the Roadside Assistance Package @ $12,870 and the Fire Extinguisher @ $5,233 were a tad pricey.
Hood Protector and Battery heater sounded like interesting options.

09-21-09, 06:08 PM
Cool. Thanks for the "link.";)

09-21-09, 06:19 PM
5 pictures out of 8 exterior pics are of the grill and only 3 pics of the entire interior. Things that make you go Hmmmmm!

Seems they are really proud of that plastic mesh grille......
The Caddy commercial in the desert looking like a rocket is pretty cool. Especially the last model shown A silver CTS Coupe. It looks pretty bad ass.

Their other commercial has what I believe to be a CTS-V Coupe covered in the background as Bob walks by. It has just enough car showing to let you know it's a V.

When they will sell them is the day I am waiting for..

09-21-09, 06:21 PM
Ah, just a little inflation for those accessories. Check out the Pricing and Offers -- Spring Celebration with 60 month 0% APR or $2000 cash back on CTS-V models -- probably just a place holder as the underlying link does not work.

09-21-09, 08:42 PM
Not sure about that site, the wheel shown, under Accessories, is 18" and has 6 bolts.

09-22-09, 01:37 AM
I like the Concepts page. The coupe looks pretty nice. I love that yellow interior accent.

09-22-09, 08:32 AM
They show Blue as still available on '10 but Scott at Superior says it is not, Black/Black order on the way for me, can't wait. American Muscle will push my M5 lease back to bimmer.